Friday, September 11, 2009

Before They Were Beaters: Lancia Scorpion - 1977's Best Way to Combat Lonliness

Look. This guy pulled a hottie in the middle of the desert. All thanks to his velvety lapels and the new 1977 Lancia Scorpion.
Not to be confused with the FWD Beta as shown at the bottom of the ad, this mid-engined US market Beta Montecarlo was intended to be the big brother to the Fiat x1/9 until Fiat decided to pawn the car off to Lancia.

The Beta Montecarlo was an awesome car for the Europeans. With a lower stance, 40 more horsepower, and about 100lbs less weight, it was a natural step above the 1.5L X1/9. But for the American market, it didn't make sense. Except for this guy and 1800 others.

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