Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beat on the Street: Malaise Edition

From Beater Blog

Beat on the Street brings you beaters in their natural habitat. Clunkers from the Carter administration are all too rare in Metro Detroit, but this 1977 Ford LTD II two door lives on.

The LTD II replaced the Torino as Ford's mid-size car for 1977. The large square grill and sharp edges recall a time when style ruled over aerodynamics and you could still cruise in comfort on a plush brown bench seat. I want to meet the man at Ford who thought that if the original was good, then the smaller sequel must be even better.

From Beater Blog

I found this triple brown beauty on a sunny Hamtramck street. The paint has been competently resprayed and only needs the chrome trim reinstalled and over-spray on the tires removed to be disco ready.

From Beater Blog

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  1. My dad used to sell these things and the Elites at W.W. Wallwork Ford Peugeot Subaru in Fargo. Why can't we still get stuff like this?