Monday, September 14, 2009

Flashback Nb2

Growing up in the eastern part of germany was no fun in terms of TV shows (if you where lucky enough to have a TV at all). Luckely my family lived close enough to the border to receive western german TV. Of course all the late 70ties and 80ties american TV shows where shown also in (western) german TV. Shows like ALF or my personal favorite "The Fall Guy" aka "Colt Sievers" have been block buster. You dont know Colt Sievers?

Maybe you remember in her? (I know its an auto blog, sorry, just for memory reasons)

Or this should look familiar?

Anyway. I still can sing the song of the show.. its burned into the long long long time memory I guess. The best thing about colt for us kids was always the... car of course (you thought on blondy right?). What is pretty common for americans is awesome for german kids. A lifted truck with rollbars and huge tires. You wont see this on german streets and not at all on eastern german roads. So this was my favorite forever. I even got yelled in kindergarten when I did steal a toy car similar to that from a fellow.
Driving on highway yesterday I got a flashback seeing this awesome setup.

This is what I always dreamed off. Isnt it great (I can understand if americans see this kind of usual). After we came home I digged in my MP3 collection for the title song of "The Fall Guy"...after a while I thought, what the f..k do we have YouTube for.. here we go (below).. Great.. I almost had tears in my eyes.. almost!

Look at this!

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