Monday, September 21, 2009

Flashback Nb3

Who was able to play catch me if you can with the police of an whole county or state?

Who is Buford T. Justice?

Who the f..k is Gottfried?

Its all about a car.. Its all about this beauty... with a badass driving
it.. A nice girl to the right...
a race through the country.. a silly police guy.. who somehow knows the girls mentioned above.. that's all you need to create a great movie around a car. Don't know what came first, the car or the idea for the movie but I like both.
And luckily being in the us gives the opportunity to see these lovely cars in real.
I am honest, I have no clue about cars, I don't know how many horses it has, what model year it is, what compression ratio.. all these unnecessary details. BUT I know how awesome of a feeling it is if you show up in the rear mirrors of the Nissans, Mazdas, Japanese rice cookers of this world.. shift down and slam the pedal, when the guy hears your tires burning you already passed him and he has not even time to notice what happened to him...
Anyway.. visiting the Dream Cruise is like a day long flashback... Next time I take my Ipod with me, playing the Theme song if a movie star car passes by.

Question: In what other car based movie did Burt Reynolds play?

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