Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cash for Clunkers - Attempt #1

Here it is, the original definition of "The Clunker" and the call to action to remove said 'Clunkers' from the highways.

This legendary (to some...) ad nearly caused the Studebaker Driver's Club to file suit against Allstate insurance back in 1972 for featuring their beloved 1962 Lark being labeled as "The Clunker" at the tender age of ten. Instead of showing a Nova, Falcon, Dart, limping along with its hood tethered shut as the occupants fought off the nods of asphyxiation, Allstate decided to pick on the dead guy - Studebaker...Or they sent their marketing intern out on a mission, $60 in hand, and this is what he returned with.

Before I ever saw this ad, I remember hearing the outrage - still very much alive and well - 29 years after the print date during our Eastern NC chapter meeting at Rigg's Hog Farm and Pork Market outside of Maysville, NC.

Save the Na2SiO3, most of these things didn't need any assistance in eventually finding their way into the weeds.

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