Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beater Project Aquisition: Operation G[hett]o Kart

Moving from North Carolina to Michigan is a challenge. In order to survive the Detroit winter, one must develop a passion for activities that require the icy cold so that seasonal depression does not take hold. Under the influence of my co-workers, this year will be the year of the ice-kart.

I had been using the fairly new-fangled tactic of searching craigslist for go-karts until I saw this beauty sitting atop a hill for sale next to a broken lawn tractor along M-52. After briefly looking it over, it was apparent that it must join my garbage collection.

After speaking with the owner, a mulleted and prison tattooed gentleman named Carlos, we negotiated a price of $40 and I was off with a home-made, motorless, and General Lee themed pile of scrap metal. Upon unloading the beast, I started assessing what I had just paid two crisp 20's for. A Dodge front bumper, bench seat, and woodgrain on a go-kart? Is that a Grant GT wheel? Are those front wheels from a Honda scooter? I guess you don't NEED a roll bar, and lap belts were the industry standard for years!

I pictured the scenario in my head: After barrel rolling his Challenger driving home from a Molly Hatchet concert and earning his third DUI, someone still longed for the muscle car lifestyle but only had a wrecked Mopar, a Wheel Horse, two high sided Honda Scooters, and as many welding rods as Schlitz cans. Three unemployed weeks in the garage later, he's burying the home fabricated "backwards-9-AS" pedal and terrorizing the frontage roads.

It will take a ton of work before any ass is to be hauled. The scooter front drum brakes are locked up and the steering shaft is broken - presumably where the S10 column joins the lawn tractor bell crank. Power will eventually be coming from a YZ-250 with a 6 speed box. Check back for updates as I get The General back up and running, as well as converted for ice duty.

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