Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beat on the Street: Deathbed Edition

Peugeot 505 Wagon

Cash for Clunkers is a farce that will be remembered for the hundreds of historic automobiles that were thoughtlessly destroyed. This Peugeot 505 wagon is one of eighteen Peugeots and only eight Pug wagons victimized. While clearly a well beaten frog, the body appears to be in reasonable condition. The hood and tailgate are in much worse shape, possibly swapped onto the sacrificial car to preserve its better parts. Numerous trim and interior bits are already missing. Whether separated by natural causes of French build quality or by vultures to preserve other cars is hard to tell. French car enthusiast Carl Lohman scrawled a note offering to buy the transmission from this car. His note now sits in the driver's foot well apparently unanswered. Either way, French cars in the motor city are not easily found and beater blog mourns of the loss of even one.

Viva la France, Viva l'ordure

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  1. Update: As of this afternoon, the Pug has been towed off the lot and presumably off to the crusher.