Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wartburg 311

Allright, its time for another breathtaking mouthwatering vehicular story from overseas. This time I wanna introduce the Wartburg 311. This guy was part of our family for a long time, actually since I can think... unfortunately it got sold way to early...

I dont know much about History of cars in general and this one in specific. What I know, my family had one of these guys and it was passed from my grandpa to my dad. My dad used it to date my mom and it was the ride to the hospital for my birth. It was also the ride home afterwards. As I can remember there was always a fine layer of gas fumes in the cabin and actually I always get flashbacks nowadays if I smell 2 stroke fumes. Technically this was the first car I steered.. wouldnt call it drove.. as I remember my dad had to push start the car a lot and I was from early ages on the one behind the wheel and releasing the clutch. From a daily commute standpoint I remember my dad carried his beer kegs (the big ones) in the trunk without any trouble to load in or out, thats important if you grow up next to a brewery.
Unfortunately our Wartburg got sold when I was 10 for almost nothing, nowadays this cars are very expensive.

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  1. Wartburg 311 was a beautiful and spaceous car. We had two of them. First one worked well without any problems, but the other one was nothing but problems. - It was also the first car I've driven. My present problem is that I haven't succeeded in finding a good picture of this car in yellow-white coloring as in the first picture but with a metal roof.