Thursday, August 27, 2009

Trabant - eastern german racing paper

Hi Folks, I am pleased to contribute to your little discussion platform with some unique Eastern German vehicular experiences.

Today I will introduce the classic of Eastern German automotive engineering. This guy is the one I learned driving on. This is impressive since it has unique shifting attached to the steering wheel. Kind of what Audi has today with shifting pedals, just with a looong lever. So if you start driving with this stuff its difficult.. but if you are able to handle that one, you can drive everything.

In the fire department I was in in Germany, we even had a fire Trabant. There are all kinds of pimped versions as shown below... one more thing.. this guy is build from paper or kind of paper.. there is no sheet metal for the chassis at all.. ohh yeah.. people had to wait 15 years for it.. so they ordered one when a new kid was born... this is good since I also have quiet a few friends which claim to be made (the sex thing) in a Trabant.

Next Time, I will introduce the Wartburg 311, which was the ride to the hospital for my birth..


  1. Last one is not a Trabant it is a west German Lloyd. also a two stroke car partly build from a plastic material like the Trabant but inferior to the Trabant p 500 build at about the same time which was why it was discontinued much earlier.

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