Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mopar Or No Car?

Remember these? No? Of course not, who would remember a French car? Better yet, who in America would buy a French car?

Well, this is a Simca 1204 that was bought by our friend Matt a few weeks ago. As you can tell, he has interesting taste in vehicles. But enough about him, let's talk about his new car. If you are one who does remember, these cars were imported into the U.S. back in the late 1960's by Chrysler. Fortunately/Unfortunately, they were pretty unpopular and didn't sell well. But as you can see here, they still exist and this one is in pretty good condition. I guess it makes sense, cause who would drive a French car in America? Remember when people tried to change "french fries" into "freedom fries"? After he picked it up, he crashed a Mopar car show (hey, it's still a Chrysler...), but it's too bad we don't have any pictures of that event, since people were looking at him funny. He even drove it in the Woodward Dream Cruise last weekend. It's a surprisingly comfortable car and the interior is in perfect condition. It held up pretty well during the cruise, except for a few small issues. We'll see if Matt will describe the car in more detail, especially the issues that he's experienced with it so far... So Mopar Ou Pas de Voiture? I'd say Mopar. Corny, I know.

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  1. Nice story!
    Apparently, there are a handful of Simca 1204's still running around, although they seem to keep to themselves!
    I have a couple of Simca 1000's and have Simca friends dotted around the country, and, as you may guess, it is a challenge keeping them all on the road! But, we do it, because no one makes cars like the French, and once you've driven one, you wonder what's wrong with all those other cars!
    Best Regards,
    Matt Cotton
    Lake Parsippany, NJ
    1965 Simca 1000
    1969 Simca 1118
    1969 Renault 16