Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beat on the Street: Museum Edition

Ok, so technically it's not Beat on the Street if it's seen in the Australian National History Museum in Canberra, but taking beater modification this far deserves some kind of honorable mention.

The vehicle in question is (was) an early 60's Toyota Landcruiser, likely a leftover mining vehicle, modified by an Australian rancher to be used for catching live buffalo and cattle in Outback New South Wales. Equipped with what appears to be a fan-belt driven and driver controlled bionic arm, these types of vehicles were instrumental in putting sprinting 1500lb. animals in a mechanical headlock. What happens after that is anyone's guess. Written on a plaque next to the vehicle is an Outback rancher's description of the driving experience of the "Buff Catchers":

"The army Jeep was a little light...And the Dodge weapon carriers were very gotta get through the timber...Toyotas seemed to be about right, cause you sorta drive 'em like racing cars really. And in catching, you know, you're going through the scrub, I don't know what speed really, you never look down at the speedo, it it works"

It's good to see that the new age of high-tech farming practices and machinery have reached Australia. We could only hope that one day this baby makes it back out on to the streets, robo-arm and all.

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